We offer different types of bakery fats for the professional users to choose from to create the best product whether it is a biscuit, wafer, bread, bun, cake or pastry. There will be something suitable from our range of Shortening, High Ratio Shortening, Creaming Shortening, Pastry Shortening, Bakery Compound and Butter Oil Substitute for any baking need.


Our extensive range of Cake Margarine, Croissant Margarine, Puff Pastry Margarine, Laminating Margarine can be the perfect solution for the professional bakers for making cakes, cream, croissants and pastries. Our selection of margarines can be conveniently substituted wherever butter is used and produce satisfying results.


Whether you are looking for an economic spread for your business use or a nutritious and delicious soft spread for your daily consumption, we have the perfect answer for your need.

OTHER BAKERY FATS (Bake Stable Fat, Bake Filling Fat, Cooking Spray, Pan Release Agent)

This range of products makes baking or cooking more convenient and effortless. Bake Stable Fat produces soft creamy centres after baking. Bakery Filling Fat is suitable as filling for biscuits or other baked products.